Registered osteopath with BVBO and accredited for reimbursement by all Belgian social security organisms.

What is osteopathie ?

Osteopathy considers the body to be one unit. When a complaint develops one looks for the underlying cause and not just the symptom. When treating a difference is made between :

the parietal system (joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves)
the visceral system (bloodvesels, abdominal organs, hormones)
the cranio sacral system (skull, sacrum, meninges)

Based on your complaints and the examination a treatment based on these systems will reestablish the body’s natural state.


As professional osteopaths we are trained to detect contra indications when considering treatment approaches.

In our ‘toolbox’ of techniques there’s a choice to make between what is called soft – indirect- techniques and manipulative – direct – techniques. Both are efficient to restore the mobility of a joint.
The manipulative techniques use short and fast movements often accompanied by an audible sound. Although very efficient caution is necessary. The patient has at all times the option to choose not to be treated by these techniques.

For both soft and manipulative techniques I’ve taken – and still do – several courses to fine tune my skills.


At the beginning of a consultation an anamnesis will be taken (personal details, older and current complaints) to form a clearer picture of the origin and evolution of your complaints.
Contrary to classical western medicine osteopathy does not merely focus on the exact location of your complaint but considers and examins the whole body.

 A treatment session takes about an hour


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In this section you can find general information regarding payement and reimbursement of osteopathic treatment sessions.

1. Reimboursment when insured in Belgium.

When visiting an accredited professional osteopath you are in title of a partial reimboursement. A prescription from your doctor is not necessary and makes no difference in the amount of reimboursment.


The different insurance organismes (mutualités) generaly reimbourse up to 5 consultations per year per person at 10 to 15 € per consultation. To know exactly contact your insurance organisme).


There are no fixed tariffs for osteopathic treatment in Belgium. A consultation takes on average 30 to 45 min.

2. Reimboursment when insured abroad.

If you are not insured by the Belgian social security system and not by the European institutions the reimboursment will depend on your own national insurance and/or privat insurance.
At each consurtation you will receive an official national receit with my accreditation information, the date and the amount paid.

3. Reimboursment when insured by the European Institutions.

When insured by the European institutions you can obtain a reimboursement of 80 % of the paid amount – with a maximum of 40 € per consultation – and for 24 consultations per year.
In order to benefit from reimboursement you do need a prescription from your doctor.

4. What are the main differences between an Osteopath and a Chiropractor ?

The main difference is in the philosphies behind each modality and how individual techniques are applied. In general Osteoapthic treatment :


1. Focusses on the whole body, not just the spine


2. Uses many manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching and spinal manipulation ( if required)


3. Lasts for around 30 to 45 minutes


4. The holistic nature of the treatment takes in all facets of a patient’s problem, an daddresses faxtores that can be changed both in and out or the treatment room.

5. How many treatments will I need ,

The number of treatments required very much cames down to the individual and their particular injury or disomfort. Some complaints can be treated in one visti, and many in just two or three appointments, however others require more. In general the longer the particular injury or discomfort has been present the longer it will take to resolve. Our aim is to get you healthy an dindependent.

6. How effective is osteopathic treatment?

Medical studies over recent years have consistently shown osteopathy to be less expensive, use fewer drugs and have higher patient satisfaction than conventional medical care for back, neck and other musculoskeletal pain.

7. Should I bring my x-rays with me?

Yes, Please bring any x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans or any other test results that are applicable to your initial consultation.

8. Payment

Payment possible with Payconic or cash. Instal the app on your smartphone or tablet. Internet connection needed.

No cards.


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Belgian Society of Osteopathy BVO-SBO
Osteopathic Regulation in Europe
European Federation for Osteopaths