Optimising movement for a better quality of life

How osteopathy works : 

In line with the osteopathic philosophy where self-regulation and self-healing is key an osteopath has a toolbox of techniques to (re)activate these bodily functions.  

The therapeutic aspect consists of encouraging the body to reorganize itself towards a new balance.  The body generally needs 2-3 days to adjust fully.  

With (verbal) informed consent spinal joint manipulations, the so-called 'cracking-cracking', can be used when it is the best solution .  

Your body is the true healer.  

Information :

Reimbursement when insured with the Belgium Social Security.  

                        When visiting an accredited professional osteopath you are in title of a (smal) partial reimbursement.  

                        A prescription from your doctor is not necessary and makes no difference in the amount of reimbursement.  

                        The different insurance organismes (mutualités) generally allow up to 5 consultations per year..

Reimbursement when insured by the European Institutions.  

                       When insured by the European institutions you can obtain a reimbursement.

                       In order to benefit you will need a prescription from your doctor.  

Reimbursement when insured abroad.  

                       If you are insured in your home country check with your own national insurance and/or private insurance.  


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